Our Product Lines

Remanufactured Plastic Bumper Covers
Remanufacturered bumper covers are original OEM parts that have been reconditioned to their original specifications.
Replacement Cooling Fan Assemblies
The full line of "drop-in" cooling fan assembly units covering the majority of vehicle applications.
Replacement Exterior Mirrors
Exterior mirrors encompassing more than 800 domestic and import applications.
Replacement Condensors
Parallel flow, serpentine, and tube & fin configurations for most late model domestic and import vehicles.
Replacement Lamps
Comprehensive automotive replacement lighting products, ranging from domestic to import applications, from passenger cars to SUVs.
Performance Lamps
Performance lighting products allow individuals to express their unique personality without sacrificing quality and legality.
Fey Step Bumpers
Fey Automotive has over 50 years experience in the manufacturing and marketing of exceptional quality metal products.